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Festival in Western Australia

With events in cities and towns across the state, the 2015 festival attracted 170 events and over 145, 000 visitors. Operating in WA since 2012, the festival is WA’s largest heritage event and with a festival in each state and territory, is known nationally as the National Trust Heritage Festival.

The festival has an annual theme to provide inspiration. In 2016 it is Discovery & Rediscoveries. What stories have been unearthed in your community? From extinct species to forgotten byways, what’s waiting to be rediscovered?

The festival incorporates important dates and events including International Day for Monuments & Sites (18 Apr), Australian Heritage Week (16-24 Apr 2016), International Mother Earth Day (22 Apr), ANZAC Day (25 Apr), International Jazz Day (30 Apr), Mother’s Day (Sun 8 May 2016), National Motoring Heritage Day (15 May 2016), National Archaeology Week (15- 22 May 2016) and International Museums Day (18 May).

The festival provides a great opportunity for communities, individuals, organisations and governments to celebrate our unique heritage. Registering an event in the Festival is FREE and is open to organisations with an interest in heritage who are willing to run an event. In WA, the deadline to register your event in the programme is Friday 11 Dec 2015.

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