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Australian Youth Social and cultural Issues

Workload: Six day extensive, 4 Credit Points, 39 Contact Hours
Status: Elective
Prerequisites: none
When: 2 Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in Semseter 1 2014, 27-29 March and 8-10 May
Lecturer: Graham Stanton

Join us for this extensive unit of study with Graham Stanton, the previous Principal of Youthworks College. Graham is keen to help students develop skills for engaging theologically with contemporary culture.

Learning Outcomes

(a) To introduce the candidate to the Bible’s teaching on young people;
(b) To help the candidate begin to articulate a theology of ministry with young people and to some models of ministry with them;
(c) To outline major aspects of youth culture in Australia;
(d) To provide an opportunity for the candidate to undertake supervised practical work.


Section A: Biblical, Theological, Historical and Strategic Foundations for Youth Ministry with an Introduction to Youth in Society.

1. The Bible’s teaching on youth and young people.
2. Developing a theology of youth ministry. Biblical authority in a postmodern world. Relational theology. Incarnation and reconciliation.
3. Historical overview of Christian youth ministry in Australia, especially since World War 2.
4. An examination and development of strategic models of youth ministry; motivation; goals; content; methodologies.

Section B: Youth Today

5. A survey of the place and understanding of youth in western society.
6. Major aspects of youth cultures in Australia, in thelight of secularisation. The changing nature of youth subcultures.
7. The beliefs and values of significant youth subcultures, including varieties of household types, ethnicity, rural or urban contexts; students, workers and the unemployed. The contexts where young people gather.


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