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Australian Christmas trees

"Some people say I've got quite a knack for getting people to do things for nothing, " Richards said.

"I get people to do things for nothing because they know that I do things for nothing and I'm contributing my own money, resources, time and effort as well - so maybe they feel sorry for me, " he added.

He set his first Guinness World Record in 2013 for the most lights on a residential property by covering his suburban home with 502, 165 bulbs.

Traffic snarls in his neighborhood created by 75, 000 sightseers who visited the display over four weeks made it difficult for his family to get to and from their home and irritated some neighbours. So Richards promised never to try to better that record.

He set his second record a year ago by stringing up 1, 194, 380 LED lights in a public space. The 75 miles of multicoloured wire woven in the shape of three interconnected giant, wrapped Christmas gifts in a Canberra mall was the largest ever image made of LED lights.

But records tumble fast in the competitive world of light displays. Richards' 2014 record was smashed in June at a hotel in Myoko, Japan, by an image of a dragon comprising 1, 529, 103 lights.

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