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What dates is Christmas in Australia?

How long until Christmas Day?

The last day recommended day for the cheapest postal service to Western Europe if you want your mail to arrive before Christmas has already passed, although you still have time if you use Airmail.

These are the key dates to make sure cards and presents reach your loved ones on time.

When is the last UK posting day?

Royal Mail’s latest recommended posting dates for delivery in the UK are:

  • December 19 for second class mail
  • December 21 for first class mail
  • December 23 for special delivery

When will Royal Mail not deliver post?

On New Year’s Day there will be no deliveries or collections. In Scotland, 2 January is also a bank holiday so there will be no deliveries or collections north of the border.

When are the last dates for sending post abroad?

The dates for all international economy (formerly known as Surface Mail) destinations other than Western Europe have already passed. For Western Europe, the deadline is 17 November.

If you want to reach the rest of the world using the standard Airmail service these are the latest recommended posting dates for your diary:

  • December 4 for Africa and the Middle East
  • December 7 for Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan and Eastern Europe (ex Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
  • December 8 for the Caribbean and Central & South America
  • December 10 for Greece, Australia and New Zealand
  • December 14 for the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Poland
  • December 15 for Canada, Finland, Sweden and the USA
  • December 16 for Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain
  • December 17 for France
  • December 18 for Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia and Switzerland

The last dates for International Standard HM Forces Mail for British Forces Post Offices (BFPOs) are 27 November for operational BFPOs and 11 December for static BFPOs.

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