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Now in our eleventh year, it is with pleasure that we now commence the Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) training for the 2016 year.

Classroom Guarantee - All classes that are advertised on our national timetable are guaranteed to proceed.

We are delighted this year to bring the BDM team members into local communities across the states of Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Celebrants will have the opportunity to contribute to questions that they would like answered in these sessions, and get to know the team members more personally.

During 2015 we received great feedback on our trainers and curriculum. We have listened carefully to your feedback in terms of which new topics may be of interest. The most popular request has been the business topics in the area of online marketing and social media. We look forward to meeting up with colleagues from the many years of OPD training, and also look forward to meeting our new colleagues.

In our Registered Training Company we specialise only in celebrant training, it is our sole focus and our passion.

Thank you to all who trained with us in the previous years, we are grateful for your business and loyalty. We currently have approximately 80 OPD elective topics.

New Topics for 2016 include

  • First Aid preparedness for celebrants
  • How to handle difficult clients
  • Understanding mobile marketing
  • Young at heart
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Child friendly marriage ceremonies
  • The Covenant of Marriage (Religious celebrants)
  • Streamline your social media
  • The basics of advertising on Facebook


Our fees range for a 5 hour selection from $115 to $165. You can easily enrol and pay online, or pay via credit card, cheque or money order.

Our fees have been from the beginning of OPD training the most competitive. We believe they are very fair in terms of the quality of trainers, curriculum and resources.



Distance Education

E- books

5 hour session in classroom


5 hours all by distance education - posted booklets


5 hours all by e-booklets (online purchase only)


*prices subject to change without notice.

Professional Associations

Professional associations who have engaged us for their OPD days, are able to offer their membership a discount on attending any of our classes, this year that will be $140.

Those associations are:

Association of Civil Marriage Celebrants South Australia Inc
Marriage Celebrants Australia Inc (WA)
Alliance of Celebrants Queensland (ACQ)

Completing the manual enrolment form below and emailing, faxing or posting it to our office.


Online through our website by clicking on the 2016 OPD Classroom Training link located directly under the Ongoing Professional Development heading in the course navigation bar located at the top of the page on the left hand side of your screen.

Enrolments must be made prior to attendance, due to catering and venue organisation enrolments close 5 working days before the class date, arriving and/or paying on the day will not be accepted.

Sending a manual enrolment form does not guarantee your place in a class. Confirmation of your enrolment will be sent via email or post once your enrolment form is processed.

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