Australia Population

Australian Lifestyle

Australian Lifestyle

We’re more consumerist than any generation before us The research tells us we’re more consumerist than any generation before, placing more value on lifestyle characteristics, such as the latest technology and entertainment, than our parents did. Half of respondents place more value on having the latest technology than their parents, 45% place more value than their parents on…

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Aussie Christmas dinner

Aussie Christmas dinner

Miguel s cooking up a Christmas storm for his second family, The Living Room family. The Ultimate Christmas Pudding Terrine There is no better pudding than one filled with salted caramel ice cream, topped with plums and more caramel sauce! The Finest Honey Glazed Ham Miguel makes the most perfect roast ham with scents of orange, clove and honey; perfect for any feast. Pan Fried…

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Australian Aboriginal population

Australian Aboriginal population

‘Long regarded as Australia’s Indigenous capital, Sydney has been surpassed by Brisbane as host to the greatest number of Indigenous Australians.’ The Redfern Aboriginal tent embassy is seen below the city skyline in Sydney, 2015. Photograph: Paul Miller/AAP There was a time, far more recently than many Australians would care to admit, that this country’s policymakers and anthropologists…

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